Fill in your marketing needs with MHSS

TMS | Ketamine | SPRAVATO | Psychedelics | IOP | Medication Management | Therapy

Fill in your marketing needs with MHSS

TMS | Ketamine | SPRAVATO | Psychedelics | IOP | Medication Management | Therapy

More Patients in Your Chair.


With over ten years of experience in the healthcare industry, Mental Health Strategies & Solutions understands the needs of mental health practices. With our proprietary system-to-scale process, we’ll generate a steady source of high-quality leads, nurture them through your intake process and ensure you have more patients in your chair. Period.


Developing a customized new look and feel that accurately reflects your practice and stands out from the crowd.

Website & Marketing Materials

Creating a website and all the materials your practice needs to effectively reach potential patients with powerful and compelling messages.


High-performing digital and advertising campaigns that drive people who are searching for help to your door.

MHSS Fast Answer™ Call Solutions

Answering every call immediately. Our patient advocates are an extension of your practice, freeing your staff to do other tasks and increasing booking conversion rates.

MHSS Community Connect™

Building solid relationships in your community by calling referring providers on your behalf.


Shortening the learning curve as you hire staff. We can get your staff up to speed on handling all types of calls and inquiries, creating the best environment for patient conversions.

Event Marketing

Let MHSS do the development of post-event marketing to generate patient referrals.
  • Pre-event advertising
  • Event setup
  • Post-event follow-through
  • Referral packages

Video production

MHSS specializes in TMS-specific video production. We deliver superior value by combining both a PR campaign and a professional video to maximize your investment.

What Clients Say

Everyone at MHSS does what we do out of a true passion for mental health.

Let’s Talk About Your Practice.

What does your practice need? 

  • We can build an in-house operation for you.
  • You can outsource to us.
  • We can also do a combination of both.
MHSS is there for anything your practice requires. We can help you train your staff to handle all your marketing, conversion and call operations that allow you to function well with everything in-house or you can outsource to us, allowing your valuable time to be used elsewhere. 
We can also work under your direction as an extra set of hands in every department. 


Branding and marketing materials

MHSS Works with All Device Companies

MHSS has been a preferred vendor by most device companies, including Neurostar, Brainsway, Magstim, Magventure and Apollo. We know that you have made an investment in offering TMS treatment; we want to help make your investment a success.