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Decades of marketing, healthcare, and TMS experience make us successful. Our passion  keeps us doing what we do.

Mental Health Strategies & Solutions is a marketing agency that caters to mental health practices. We have vast expertise in TMS and Ketamine, and use it to optimize our client's growth. MHSS utilizes a proven system of branding, operational, and marketing strategies to help practices reach their full potential.

MHSS goes far beyond marketing with consistent  growth plans. Whether you are a single practice looking to increase patients in your chair or a multi-disciplinary practice focusing on scale and growth, MHSS has a strategic plan for you. We focus on a single client per area at a time, so we can deliver our best work.

Monique S. Black

Founder, CEO

Monique Headshot

“As a former patient, TMS dramatically altered my life. It is my mission to bring awareness to the millions out there who have no idea that happiness is still attainable.”


Having worked with over thirty-five transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) practices and consulted with over seventy-five TMS thought leaders in the US, Monique offers a unique range of clinical, marketing, and business development expertise in TMS. She worked for the device manufacturer, Neuronetics, where she specialized in developing TMS practices in California.

Monique then joined TMS Health Solutions, a multicenter TMS practice, where she developed sales and marketing strategies, maximized operational functions, and worked hand-in-hand with providers to refine their TMS practices. Monique is an expert at incorporating off-label TMS applications, such as generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and postpartum depression (PPD) into practices.

Prior to focusing on TMS, Monique spent 18 years in the medical sales industry, working for Fortune 500 corporations, such as GE Healthcare and Sanofi.

In her free time, Monique enjoys hiking around the California coast with her Spaniel, Lucy. Monique likes to throw dinner parties and can be found experimenting with French and Indonesian recipes in the kitchen.

Mindy Millman Di-Crosta

Founder, President

151x138 Mindy DiCrosta


“It is a passion and a pleasure to be a part of helping your patients get well.”


Mindy’s experience with TMS, ketamine, and other cutting-edge modalities of treatment comes from both a personal and professional standpoint. When her daughter suffered from debilitating anxiety, OCD, and later depression, Mindy began a quest for medication-free treatments. Due to the fear of medication, her daughter became the youngest patient covered for TMS in Connecticut after winning an appeal.

Mindy has owned and operated a marketing company for 20 years, helping take products and services to the market and build scalable business solutions with innovative database collection programs.

After starting out as a reseller in telecommunications and opening a direct response call center, Mindy moved into the modeling and entertainment space with a five-year partnership with ELLE Magazine and Hachette Media.

Mindy’s Rolodex lends itself well to celebrity and charity integration, which she hopes will be utilized in mental health with the right providers. Mindy has worked with TMS practices in expansion and TMS technology companies in testing marketing campaigns.



MHSS specializes in mental health practice development.

There are many nuances to running a successful mental health business. The insurance landscape is even more intricate than a typical medical practice. The marketing strategies require a particular knowledge base and precise messaging. The lack of awareness of cutting-edge treatments, like TMS and Ketamine, adds an extra element of outreach and education.

MHSS is the only provider of practice development services that is specific to TMS, Ketamine, and overall mental health. We are the definitive experts in developing single-site, multi-site, hospital, and university TMS practices, ranging from brand-new to advanced market stages.

Services Provided for the Following:

  • Ketamine Practice Development
  • Psychology and MFT
  • Overall Practice Expansion
  • Psychiatry Practice Expansion
  • Neurology Integration

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